JSM Driving School LTD. B+E Trailer Towing Lessons 

Trailer Towing Training, Are you Legal to Tow? the law changed in 1997   Call or text 07738 127940


BE Assessments and trailer training.

Service 1

First assessment lesson 2hr on and off road training lesson £99

BE Trailer Towing Lesson to see what experience you have of any towing, we will look at your driving, safety of hitching up uncoupling your trailer safety, off road reversing practice and training, Car and trailer safety checks,and requirements of the BE Driving Test and an assessment of what lessons and training you require.

Service 2

BE Trailer Towing experienced course 2 days incl test £499

After an assessment lesson, this would be your first block of training with the trailer and car, with on road training and off road training as above following on from your assessment lesson, we would plan and carry out all that is needed for your towing training to BE test and beyond, we also provide and tailor make your training as a refresher if you already have a BE licence.
course 1 £499 experience with trailers
course 2 £575 some experience with trailers
course 3 £845 no experience with trailers
You can and if required do extra 4hr blocks as required, please remember there are a lot of elements to towing a trailer and test requirements, everyone is different but most drivers require 8-12 hours training for BE but it does depend on any previous towing experience.